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Ratchet Straps for load securing, also known as Tie Down Straps are used to secure cargo in transport. Together with other Lashing Accessories they prevent cargo from slipping, roll around, tip over or even fall off the trailer. We offer a diverse range of lashing straps from 5.000kg for heavy duty cargo up to 175kg cam buckle straps for light duty cargo in different widths such as 25mm, 35mm and 50mm. All of our high-quality lashing straps are manufactured and tested in Europe, compliant to EN 12195-2. Alongside Ratchet straps, we also offer all accessories and components that used in conjunction with lashing. Such as Corner Protectors, Floor Rings and Anchor points and Friction Materials.

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Custom Made Ratchet Straps

We offer a wide range of Ratchet Straps on our website, but we can also assemble bespoke straps. Varying in lengths, colors, hooks, ratchets according to your requirements and purposes. Optionally we can also print straps with logo or text or create custom labeling.

Lashing Straps for safe transport of cargo

Proper securing of cargo with load restraint equipment is not a recommendation, but an European obligation according to EN 12195-2 (and local regulations such as VDI in Germany). These regulations need to be observed by the driver, loading personnel and sender. LoadLok Straps always comply to the highest European standards. If you need more information about how to secure your cargo in transport, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists.

Different straps for different purposes

In transport there are two methods of load securing: tie-down lashing or direct lashing. These methods require different calculations of the kilograms to be secured. In our blog you will read more about these load securing methods and how calculation is done.
For different purposes we offer different types of ratchet straps. Such as cam buckle straps for light duty purposes, 50mm internal straps with combi rail fittings or heavy duty Ergo straps for securing cargo on flatbeds.